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What's New  
What's New
RIAJ started instant messaging toward P2P users
to prevent illegal uploading of music files.
  Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) has started to send warnings using the IM function to individual P2P users uploading music files illegally on the internet. This action was launched on 2nd March, 2004 to give full recognition to the illegality of uploading music files through file-sharing software and make them stop such illegal activities. Uploading MP3 files made from commercial music CDs without permission of right holders is an infringement of the Copyright Law.

Abuse of music on the internet has been a serious issue internationally. RIAA, IFPI and its national groups in other countries have been taking active measures such as campaigns to disseminate people's awareness about copyright and lawsuits.

We are also carrying out the "Respect Our Music" campaign and other various educational activities on copyright. We have requested thorough management to the academic institutions and companies where illegal uploading acts were found. We also had sent letters to about 1,200 universities and junior colleges nationwide to call on the enhancement of their LAN management. Due to the effect of this, the number of illegal uploads on their networks has been decreasing.

However, there is no end of P2P users who upload music files illegally, so we started sending notices to individual users. Against certain malicious users, we are preparing to take legal actions. The number of IM sent will surpass 1 million by the end of May.
What's New
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