We, the worldwide recording industry, are delighted to announce that the Version 1.0 document of the ASID Specification has been established and it is now made available through this web page.

ASID stands for Audio Software Information Delivery. It is a scheme developed by the worldwide recording industry to ensure that Software Information is transported in association with any audio content regardless of its distribution channels, supporting applications or transmission protocols. ASID specifies a standard format of Software Information provided by content owners for the use of their audio content, while keeping extensibility of the format in accordance with the future needs of parties concerned and consumers.

ASID is capable of providing benefits to consumers as well as content owners. By delivering an extensible set of value-added information, ASID will expand experiences of consumers who want to have access to quality music. While ensuring them doing so, ASID will provide owners of audio content with an environment that enables them to effectively manage Intellectual Property (IP) Rights for their audio content.

The ASID Specification itself defines its structure, elements and data formats of Software Information stored and delivered on supporting media and transmission protocols. For implementers, its normative appendixes will serve references for practical implementation on particular transmission protocols and content distribution media. At the moment, the Version 1.0 Specification contains only the Appendix A, specifying the adaptation layer to the IEEE1394 Audio and Music Data Transmission Protocol 2.0. Moreover, those who intend to support ASID could also find useful information for implementation in informative annexes of the document.

While the Version 1.0 Specification has been established, we are still continuing our efforts to refine the specification and extend information elements so that we will be able to issue a further edition of the specification as quickly as possible. That will be announced at this web page when we can make an updated version ready.

The ASID Specification Version 1.0 is NOW AVAILABLE. CLICK the name of the document below, then you can start downloading.

ASID Specification Version 1.0 (PDF 125KB)

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(NOTE1) worldwide recording industry ...
IFPI, RIAA and RIAJ represent the worldwide recording industry.

(NOTE2) Software Information ...
A set of content-associated information for identification, description and other purposes related to the use of sound recordings.
The current version of the ASID Specification defines a baseline format only, containing ISRC, UPC/EAN and copyright assertion information.